Sunday, July 26, 2009

Welcome to My World

Hi, as my profile indicates, this blog will cover a lot of things. I have been visiting a number of blog sites on a regular basis and admire these people who are willing to share thoughts and ideas and let you into their lives. In some ways it is like reading an ongoing non-fiction novel. I view these blogs a bit like a diary and a way to connect with people and provide some inspiration to those seeking some new ideas or motivation to improve one's self.
Today being Sunday always has the mindset for me to be cooking, washing and getting organized for the week. So in fact that is what is going on. I like to review the NY Times internet site and have found some very interesting recipes from the column by Mark Bittman. Two recipes are being created today in my kitchen - Spicy, Citrusy Black Beans and a cherry/peach dessert. I have a sour cherry tree in my backyard that has been very productive. I have already made jam with these cherries and will freeze those cherries that I am not going to use in the dessert.
Besides cooking, another passion is walking and you will hear some of my funny stories walking my lab retriever. My lab is a bit like the dog from "Marley and Me". I have been reading Cesar Millan's books and of course watch his show. I have been incorporating his suggestions and advice on being a calm and assertive leader with your dog. It does work!
My last comment for now before the cherries beckon me to be pitted is this: I read the article in the globe and mail today about the problems going on in California with the economy and the lack of water sources. We rely much on the produce that comes from California and further south. I expect that we will see high prices this fall for select produce from there. Maybe we should think about how we have created markets for our demands in fruit and vegetables that are not sustainable. Maybe we can live with less melons and fruit that can't be grown locally. I agree with the concept of buying locally or growing it yourself.

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