Wednesday, May 4, 2011


This past January I wrote about the concept of wearing six items of clothing for 30 days (Six Items of clothing).  Accessories didn't count as part of the six items.  Angela Self, who is one of the founders of the Smart Cookies money group has written about her experiences of six pieces of clothing in the Globe and Mail.  I can relate to her impulse shopping and also some of her purchases that were more fantasy wear than real life wear.

When putting away my winter sweaters and finer knit/wool tops in storage containers for the spring swap of summer wear, I was reminded of how much clothes I have and what I would actually wear this coming season.  I also realized that I didn't really need to 'shop' more as I have enough variety to choose from.  I certainly have more than six 'office wear' tops.  But I do like to shop.  Sometimes it serves as retail therapy.  Angela has made a number of important points when considering future purchases:

  • assess what you want first
  • invest in what you need
  • get creative with what you want
  • invest in staple items before spending significant change on the trendier pieces which has a short lifespan
I know I won't commit to wearing only six items for a month but I do need to think about the purchases I am considering to buy and whether these are impulse purchases or investments in staple items that will compliment clothes already in my closet.

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