Wednesday, September 14, 2011


As part of my breakfast smoothie regime, I include a number of things including oatmeal, frozen fruit, protein powder, almond milk and hemp seed or ground flax seed to make the smoothie.   The DH bought a container of Spirulina awhile ago to use in order to increase his intake of greens.  Spirulina is a plant that is high in protein, iron, chlorophyll and carotene, and is the colour of intense green.

When making a smoothie for both of us one Saturday morning, the DH asked that I add some spirulina.  He hadn't opened up the container yet so we both did not have experience using it.  Looking at the ingredients and nutrient breakdown, I decided to add two tablespoons in order to get enough grams of protein.  With the quantity of spirulina added, I wouldn't add protein whey.  After placing everything in the blender and turning it on, you could see how intense in colour the smoothie was.   I poured the liquid into the tall glasses.

We had a few spoonfuls and our lips and gums were green.  The DH managed a few more spoonfuls than I before we both said that this was about as much as we could eat.  Lots of laughter accompanied looking at the concoction that I created.  The smoothies found their way into the garbage which was a shame as it had oatmeal, frozen blueberries and bananas, soy milk and flax seed.  

I never read the directions on the spirulina container before I added the powder to the blender.  Directions on the container say to start by taking 1/4 tsp daily with juice and increase progressively by a 1/4 tsp daily until four teaspoons.   Well a 1/4 teaspoon is different than the two tablespoons I added.  Lesson learned today----it pays to read directions!

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