Saturday, January 21, 2012


This past Sunday was snowy and the temperature was falling.  It was getting cold.  The birds, sparrows, were feeding at the bird feeders.  Much to our pleasure, nine partridges swooped in and started to feed.  There were several males in the group.  Males have a red circle of hair on their chest so that is how you can tell the difference between the sexes.  Besides the partridge we also had a flicker feeding on peanuts.  In the first picture there was a sparrow feeding beside the partridge.  As I took these pictures through the kitchen window and was playing around with my camera, the exposures are different.  It is always a treat to have partridge in the backyard.

Years ago when I was young and still living at home with my parents, we would get partridge in the backyard during the winter.  Even though we lived in the suburbs, there were fields close by which attracted a number different birds and small mammals.  My parents liked to feed the birds and there were feeding stations set up, similar to what I have in the backyard now.  We also had fruit trees including apple, plum and pear in the backyard while growing up.  What made this all the more humorous was that the partridge would sit on a branch in the pear tree.  

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