Sunday, July 21, 2013


I recently purchased the cookbook by Dreena Burton titled 'let them eat vegan'.  I had bought this book based on reviews I had read.  I am not disappointed.  It is a wonderful cookbook.  Dreena Burton doesn't used processed vegan products in her recipes, like meat substitutes.  She creates healthy recipes, that are real food, and not difficult to make.  Her recipes stay away from using white flour and many of the recipes are wheat free and gluten free.  The recipes try to cover across section of tastes and nutritional needs.

What I also like about this cookbook are the tips, techniques and comments with each recipe.  There are  pointers called 'if this apron could talk, ingredients 411, kid friendly, savvy subs and adds and serving suggestions' alongside the recipes.  Each recipe does not have all of the pointers, just the ones that are relevant.

I made a lentil loaf recipe from the cookbook.  It tasted good, but I should have added less thyme.  When I told the DH what we were having for lunch, I used an analogy of a meat loaf.  He thought otherwise and was looking at it and said it is really about lentils and I am eating lentils.  He couldn't finish his portion as it is filling so the dog had a mouthful of the loaf and he did not hesitate in vacuuming in the remaining morsels.   I will definitely make the recipe again.

Here is the link for the recipe to make the Lentil loaf.

Putting the final touches on the loaf before baking.

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