Sunday, January 26, 2014


Every winter I get a few skin cracks in some of my fingers.  Same fingers each year and the same spots.  Because where I live, the climate in winter is cold and dry and the additional factor of washing my hands as required during the day, I am prone to these skin cracks.  They can be painful.  I have used liquid bandaids, applied a 3M sealant designed for protecting skin cracks and used ointment with cortisone.  Nothing has been as successful as a product by Elizabeth Arden.  It is a skin protectant cream, has a bit of a medicinal smell and texture and is not outrageous in price.  The cream was developed in 1930 by Elizabeth Arden and she used it not only on herself but she applied to the legs of her horses.

There are a number of products designed around this original cream.  I have both the original cream and also the unscented.  The unscented does not smell medicinal.  At least twice a day I rub a small amount around the cuticle of each finger, the nail bed and in the creases of the first knuckle below the nail.  It has worked for me and I am not experiencing anymore skin cracks.  I also apply it to the soles of my feet every night before getting into bed. You don't need to apply a lot, less is best.   I have also bought a small purse size tube of the cream to apply if required during the day.  If you are looking to heal those fast cracks give this product a try.

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