Saturday, May 3, 2014


For at least five of the seven breakfasts I have each week I will make a smoothie.  If it is a work day,  I will make the smoothie at home and take it to work in a tall plastic cup that has a snap on lid.  It is always wise to have a secure lid for the plastic cup when juggling coffee, purse, briefcase and lunch bag to take to your office.

I decided today to audit all of the varieties of protein powders I have.  This photo does not include all of the different varieties that are in the cupboard.  I currently have six flavours - plain, vanilla,  chocolate, berry, lemon citrus and banana berry.  Of course, the accumulation of this spread of protein powders occurred over time.  The protein powders are different in their protein, fat and carbohydrate content.  I have become more conscious of protein, fat and carbohydrate grams since I started tracking what I eat on my fitness pal.  There are some varieties I prefer because of the lower carbohydrate content.  When you add things such as frozen fruit, peanut butter powder, hemp seed, chia seed or ground flax seed, it is not hard to increase the carbohydrate content of the smoothie.  When all done and ready to consume, the smoothie can contain over 30 plus grams of carbohydrate.   Looking for a protein powder that has lower carbohydrate levels makes it easier for me to keep within target levels that I try  to meet based on my fitness pal tracking for the day.  Yet I have to make sure that the protein powder has enough protein per serving.

The other reality is that one needs variety and having the same smoothie flavour every day loses its appeal over time.

I used to add almond milk or yogurt to my smoothie but I now just add water.  I realized that water was sufficient and that I didn't need to add yogurt or milk.  I will add a handful of spinach or kale to some of my smoothies.  It make me feel healthier adding some greens to the mixture.

I found that is does take some experimentation to figure out how much fruit and other ingredients you need to add to the protein powder and water in order to feel satisfied and know that the protein, fat and carbohydrate amounts in the smoothie will sustain you for several hours.  

There are all kinds of blenders that people use to make smoothies.  I have used a few different kinds.  My favourite is the Vitamix.  I can make a smoothie in the Vitamix that has the texture of a mousse.  The power and watts of the Vitamix creates a great smoothie.

However you make your smoothie, it doesn't need to be thought of as just for breakfast.  You can make smoothies that include celery, cucumber and kale or spinach, apple, hemp seed, coconut oil, frozen mango, orange juice, and vanilla protein powder that can be a lunch or supper meal.  There are many available recipes worth investigating.  

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