Saturday, December 19, 2015


Growing up I used to eat cottage cheese pie.  The pie was not made with any sort of pie shell but was a mixture of cottage cheese, eggs, raisins, a little bit of sugar and cinnamon.  It would be baked in the oven for about 30 to 40 minutes in a small casserole dish.  My mother would make this pie when the cottage cheese was getting close to the expiry date and there was too much to consume before it would start to sour.

Thinking about what to make for supper and having a few containers of cottage in the fridge due to buying it at Costco provided me with the idea to make cottage cheese pie.  I decided to make a crust and searched the internet for some ingredient ideas to mix with the cottage cheese.  Including raisins was not essential and I wanted it to be on the sweet side versus savoury side.  I found some ideas and provide the link below for the cottage cheese mixture I used.  I also decided to make a basic biscuit recipe for the crust as biscuit ingredients includes baking powder and is less fussy to make than a real pastry recipe.  Both the DH and I enjoyed this cottage cheese pie.  I especially liked the grated lemon peel using Meyer lemons and fresh lemon juice.  I will be making this recipe again.

Cottage cheese mixture.

Biscuit dough rolled out onto a pie plate.

Cottage cheese mixture poured into the pie shell.

Just out of the oven.

I used this biscuit dough recipe and didn't make any alternations.  The recipe made enough for two pie shells.  I did tweak the recipe for this mixture for cottage cheese .  I used 1/3 cup Splenda for the sugar, 3 cups of cottage cheese (750 gram container), I used the juice from half of the Meyer lemon and sprinkled cinnamon on the cottage cheese after pouring it into the biscuit pie shell.  The pie was baked for about 47 minutes at 350 degrees F using convection heating.  I didn't want the biscuit crust to over brown so I checked it for the last five minutes while in the oven.

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