Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Have you ever thought about the treasures you find and collect?  The extra special item you may find at store or a garage sale that brings you joy or makes you smile because it was a find?  Do you share your treasures?  But not all treasures are material in nature.   Treasures can be the time spent with loved ones; it can be allowing time for yourself to unwind, be lazy or self-indulgent; or it can represent an experience that you will treasure forever.

My dog loves his treasures and they are scattered around the house.  They include different kinds of balls, tugs, kongs and other descriptive names for a toy.  He also has a toy box which is suppose to be  the depository for his treasures.  The dog has discovered that treasures can be found when he is out walking with me.  We have found tennis balls and other toys left by other dogs along the walking paths.  There is one house that backs a walking path that we use.   This house does not have a back fence and a black lab lives there.  This dog has wonderful toys which my dog has discovered.   I let the dog off leash on certain portions of the path and he finds great joy in checking out some of the backyards that are not fenced.  He makes a direct beeline for this backyard where the black lab lives.  More often than not he comes running back to me with the great treasure in his mouth.   He will trot around with the toy in his mouth, his tail held high and a big grin on his face as he is so proud of myself and wants to show off the treasure he has found.

Last year I introduced myself to the owner of this house and black lab and explained how my dog will help himself to her lab's toys.  My dog is not the only neighbourhood dog who indulges himself in these treasures.  There is at least one other dog who follows a similar pattern.

My dog would love to keep these treasures he finds but he can't have everyone else's toys.  The typical routine that has been developed is that I let him trot home with the treasure in his mouth, bribe him once at home with a cookie to release the toy, quickly grab the toy and put it high up on a shelf in the garage or put it in my car.  That day or the following day I will drive over to the house and drop the toy off by the front door.   These people are very good natured about other dogs borrowing their dog's toys.   It is good to share your treasures....

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