Friday, January 15, 2010


While on my little holiday travels I have come across some interesting things.  Last night while strolling along a street market, we came upon a store called 'Life Is Good".  Can you imagine that?  Of course I had to go in and inspect the premise.  They sold clothes including tee shirts with the logo 'life is good'.  After serious contemplation I decided to NOT buy a long or short sleeve tee shirt.  The prices were $25/$30/$35 depending on the tee shirt.  I thought about how many tee shirts do you need?  Even though it had the logo on it, I resisted buying a tee shirt.

While out today, I was in two stores inspecting the active ware tee shirts.  The stores are similar to Winner's.  Can you imagine at both stores I found 'life is good' tee shirts for $14.99.  I ended up buying two of these. I just couldn't resist.  A bargain is hard to resist.

After feeding the ducklings this past summer, I have thought about if they made it to a warmer climate this winter and survived.  While out walking on my daily sojourns on my holiday, I have come across some mallard ducks. There is a whole group on a golf course that I walk by everyday and maybe the ducklings are here too.  The picture of these two ducks were taken at another location.  All of these ducks that I have seen are well fed as people are feeding them.

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