Wednesday, May 12, 2010


As part of my morning routine, the dog and I take our daily morning walk and check out the neighbourhood, the creek, the parks and the wildlife.  Our walks can vary depending on the weather, my energy levels, how much time we have and if the sun has started to rise.

One route we both like to take is a walking/bike path that goes along a creek.  The creek attracts all sorts of birds including song birds, ducks and geese and beavers.  Also I have spotted deer and coyotes near the creek.

Yesterday morning I saw a beaver sitting beside his lodge.  Of course I didn't have my camera with me to get a photo of him/her.  I will call the beaver a him as it looked more masculine and he was big.  I walked close to the edge of the creek to try to get his attention and he couldn't care less about me.  He paid no attention to my voice and didn't even acknowledge my existence.  I am not use to such rejection.  The dog was with me and he could have been over to him in two shakes of a paw by jumping into the creek and swimming over.  It wouldn't have mattered that I would have been at the end of the leash.  I would have been swimming too.  The dog didn't pay any attention to the beaver.  He had his nose to the ground fascinated by millions of smells and breathing all of it in.

This morning I took my camera with me on our morning walk determined to see the beaver again and maybe get a picture of him by his lodge.

In this picture you can see him swimming along the creek with a few ducks in the background.

This is another head shot and it doesn't show the size of this beaver.  These pictures were taken while holding the camera, trying to focus the picture and the dog moving around me while on his leash with his nose to the ground and drinking in all of the wonderful smells that only a dog can love.  This is a perfect way to start the morning - the solitude and sounds of life around a creek.


  1. My neighbour says dogs smell in technicolour! I think he's right when I read a story like this, or watch my own dog sniffing out a squirrel or a gopher!

  2. I wonder what technicolour means to dogs?