Wednesday, May 19, 2010


After seeing the beaver by his lodge one early morning and realizing that I didn't have my camera with me, I have started to take my camera on my walks along the creek.  There is all sorts of wildlife to watch and sounds to listen to.   These baby goslings were less than a week old when I snapped this picture.
This pair of mallard ducks started to waddle off when they saw the dog and I coming their way.  They were not in a big hurry.  

These geese are the same ones with the goslings.
I took the picture of these five rabbits from a distance.  I knew that I couldn't get very close to them before they would take off and run in several directions.   
A red winged black bird.

My companion who thinks it is great to go walking each morning.  He is wearing a haltie around his nose.  Same concept as a horse or cattle halter.  It gives you more control than just trying to manage with a leash clipped to a collar.

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