Saturday, January 22, 2011


Recently I was at Costco doing some grocery shopping.  It was past the lunch hour and even though I sampled a few food products which Costco is famous for doing, it wasn't enough to sustain me for the afternoon. As there were other errands to run after Costco, I knew that I would be hungry in short order.  That was also the feeling of my DH, sister-in-law and brother-in-law.  

We decided to get a soft nonfat yogurt ice cream.  Ice cream is my favorite food.  My brother-in-law said he could share with his wife but we said no, who wants to share a cone?  He could have his own cone.  For some reason I thought we were getting baby cones as the price was $1.35.  We are not talking big dollars here.  I never paid much attention to the photo of the ice cream but had only focussed on the flavours and price.

Saddling up to the counter, I ordered four swirl nonfat yogurt ice creams.  The server goes to the ice cream machine and she comes back with this container of ice cream.  Back and forth she goes from ice cream machine to the counter as each one of the four containers are assembled.  She asks me if I want a lid for each container.  A lid?  Why would I need a lid?  By this time I have the giggles and can't stop myself myself from laughing.  I thought I was getting cones and here I am getting four pints of ice cream.  The server asks if something is wrong and I bumble through my giggles about a $1.35 and all of this ice cream and she responds in a straight face, that is really $1.43 because of paying some taxes to the government.  My sister-in-law comes to the counter and starts to laugh seeing me laugh and these pints of ice cream.

After securing some table space with four chairs, we get to work.  Eating this amount of ice cream was going to take focus and concentration plus laughter as we all had expected, except my brother-in-law, baby cones.  He knew that these ice creams were like pint size and that was his initial premise for sharing.
To illustrate how much ice cream there was, I took this picture of the container against the back of a book I bought.  On a side note, the book involves a dog -  a lab retriever, so once I saw the dog on the cover of the book, I was buying the book.

We all spent some time trying to consume this fair amount of ice cream.  None of us like not finishing the food we have put on our plate or ordered, it is against our better principles.  But, how much ice cream can you eat?  We were beaten, all of us couldn't finish our containers of ice cream.   I can always eat ice cream.  This was a rare occasion for me.  


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