Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Several weeks ago I had a wonderful outing to the San Diego African Safari Park.  It is part of the San Diego Zoo but it is located north of San Diego.  This safari park is also special because of the breeding programs being done at the park.  Wonderful work on helping preserve endangered species has occurred here.  
I don't know if I will ever get to take a safari in Africa so I leaped at the chance to take a safari in the back of a 3/4 ton truck to view both African and Asian herbivores in an open large area but of course fenced in.  There are a series of double gates to go through to get into the compound.  The African herbivores are in a separate compound from the Asian animals.  I have included some pictures of the animals we saw on the tour and other photos taken while walking through the park and seeing animals in their large enclosures.
The 3/4 ton truck that we travelled in.  There were ten people on this tour. 

A black rhino we saw on the tour.  We fed the black rhinos cut up apples and were able to pet them on the head.  Of course we stayed in the back of the truck while feeding and petting them.

This king of the jungle was lying on top of a frame of a jeep.  He is a massive cat and has quite a mane on him.  I wonder who brushes him?

I always like to watch the cheetahs.  A bit bigger than the cats I have at home.  My cats at home stretch out like this one here. 
One of my big cats stretching out in the sun.

In the lowland gorilla compound, an impressive silver back showed his size.  He is a  big boy and I could smell a musky smell from him when he first appeared.

We fed the giraffes a certain kind of leaf that they love while we were in the back of the truck.  The giraffe would take the leaf out of your hand.  We were not allowed to pet them and that was hard.

There was a colony of meerkats in a large penned area and they were interesting to watch.  This guy was doing guard duty.

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