Thursday, August 4, 2011


Over a month ago I started to follow Tosca Reno's eating clean food plan in her book "The Eat-Clean Diet Stripped".  This food plan is for trying to take off the last 10 pounds.  I wrote about this diet and the author
when I first started the program.

Did I lose 10 pounds?  No.  Was I expecting to lose 10 pounds?  No.  Based on what I know about my body, my changing hormonal profile and past experiences, I was hoping for maybe a five pound loss.  I ended up with about a two pound loss.

I stayed on the plan for the month, followed it pretty well and had a few instances where I exceeded my daily carb allocation.  Eating clean does make me feel pretty good. What I did learn is that for me to lose weight, I need to limit my starchy carbs and having two servings a day is a better option for me in order to lose weight.  Of course I need to watch my sugar intake, such as chocolate and ice cream.  My cheese consumption has also diminished and recently I bought some soft goat cheese and sheep feta to use in salads or with omelets.  Staying away from the cheddar, swiss cheese and other full fat cheese is a better choice for me.

Today I had bread, 2 thin slices of multigrain bread with smoked salmon.  It tasted really good.  Aside from a thin slice of pizza this past month, it had been a month since I have indulged in any crunchy, freshly baked bread.  I do miss bread and so for the long term I plan to continue limiting the amount of starchy carbs and I will have bread as part of my daily starchy carbs but not on a daily basis.  My journey in losing these ten pounds will take months and it will be a bit like chipping away at a cement block, a slow methodical process.

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