Saturday, January 12, 2013


Who would have ever thought?  Combining a pressure cooker and a slow cooker and creating one pot with different cooking systems.  Furthermore, it is electric instead of a stove top model.  Besides being a pressure cooker and a slow cooker, you can also saute vegetables or meat before using the pressure cooker or slow cooker options.  To test out my new gadget, I decided to first cook beans.  After cooking the beans, I would use them to make a bean vegetable soup.  The recipe will follow in my next posting.   The beans turned out fine.  I first soaked them overnight before pressure cooking them in the morning.   I set the timer for 27 minutes and the challenge was that the bean mixture included nine different beans which were not all equal in size.  Some beans were over soft and other beans needed an extra minute or two of cooking.  I knew that cooking them in the soup would finish the cooking time.

Growing up my mom used a pressure cooker for a number of things including cooking beans and roasts.  When I asked some of my friends if their moms used pressure cookers when they were growing up at home, they responded yes.  They were all stove top models, heavy to lift and didn't have the fancy   extras that today's models have including timers.

The other advantage of this new gadget is that the slow cooker is a smaller one than the one I have.   The stand alone slow cooker that I have is in some ways too big for most meals.  I am looking forward to trying out new recipes for fast and slow cooking.

The box with all of the descriptions. 

What the gadget looks like. 

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