Sunday, August 2, 2009


For fun I have posted several pictures from my walk with the animals yesterday at the fair. For some techie reason, I can't transfer some lion pictures from my camera to my computer. The first picture is the golden eagle sitting on a perch. The second picture is one of the female lions sitting in a pen/cage that is part of a semi. The lions lounge in this large semi whose sides flip up and allow for them to view the outside along with the outside world viewing in. The unit has three air conditioners plus sleeping quarters upfront for the handlers. The third picture is a butterfly who took a ride for awhile on my leg while I walked around the butterfly exhibit. I didn't take any pictures of the dogs on the agility course. I have a number of pictures taken at previous events with my dog. One of these days I may post a piece on the antics of training a dog and owner to learn agility. Until next time......

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