Saturday, August 22, 2009

Why Exercise Won\'t Make You Thin,8599,1914857,00.html
Why exercise won't make you thin is a very interesting article worth reading. When I think back to the miles I ran in preparing to run a marathon and a number of half marathons, I didn't lose several dress sizes. I was in great shape from the many miles of running each week. I did consume power bars and sports drinks while running long runs as your body needs the fuel to go the distance. On the ten plus mile runs, I felt sometimes like I was grazing the whole time. The funny thing is that I now walk every day and weigh about the same amount as compared to when I was running about four or five days a week.

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  1. There is nothing new offered in this latest "diet book". The information presented is the same information that every diet book and doctor will tell you, eat only when you are hungry, chew your food thorougly, when you feel full stop eating, etc. The relaxation and "hypnotic" cd that accompanies the books is monotone and flat, and has no other effect on the listener except making them sleepy. The next day, you have no memory of what was said or what you read greater than any other book you just finished. I even gave the book to my sister and my daughter and they both said the same thing, nothing groundbreaking, no significant changes after reading the book or using the cd. Save the money and buy a good workout dvd instead, which are proven to work.