Friday, October 9, 2009


Have you ever been to a concert or a play and know that you had experienced something special? Tonight Tony Bennett put on a show in a concert hall in the city where I live. When I heard he was coming I bought tickets right away. A number of us went to see this legend. We sat in the 10th row, pretty well centre stage. Life is pretty good seeing Tony Bennett on a Friday night, after a busy week, and being able to wind down and relax listening to a number of famous tunes. He had a great four piece band whose sound never overpowered his voice. The piano player was exceptional in playing those ivory keys. Mr. Bennett sang a range of songs some of which I was not as familar with.

There are several things that made Mr. Bennet's concert tonight outstanding. He still can sing and has a range of vocals at 83 years of age. He sang different kinds of songs - jazz and ballads. He had fun on stage, he did a number of dance moves and was very appreciative of the audience. The band did not overpower him and you could hear his voice very clearly. Listening to songs originally sung by him and other legends sent a chill down your spine. And lastly, he sang one of my favorite songs "Fly Me to the Moon" without a microphone and had his guitar player stand beside him and play without being connected to his amplifier. That was the only instrument played. Without a microphone and the audience in the concert hall being very quiet, this showcased his voice and the song's lyrics. He couldn't hide his voice behind the instruments. Listening to the purity of his voice, the lyrics and the guitar brought tears to my eyes.

Mr. Bennett has had an interesting life and told some of his stories while on stage tonight. He is a showman. With the material I read on his biography from several internet sites and his stories told tonight there is probably good material for a movie.

I have been to many concerts and this concert tonight is probably one of the best I have attended.

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