Friday, October 23, 2009


Last week I posted my harvest adventures with parsnips. I wrote in my blog that I would provide some recipes in a future posting for recipes using parsnips. I use parsnips in a variety of ways and here are some options for you to consider in your cooking adventures.

  1. Basic cooked parsnips. Slice up several parsnips and cook over a medium boil until tender. Drain and serve. I like to add a few dabs of butter and some fresh ground pepper to the parsnips on my plate.
  2. Mashed parsnips with potatoes and carrots. There are several combinations you can choose from. I have cooked sliced parsnips with sliced potatoes and carrots until tender. Drain and mash well with a little bit of butter and milk. You can also add a tsp or two of low fat cream cheese when you are starting to mash this mixture. You can also just cook parsnips and potatoes and leave the carrots out. The proportions of potatoes to parsnips and carrots are equal. I use two small potatoes, two parsnips and two carrots. I love the combination of these three root vegetables.
  3. French fries. These fries are made in the oven, baked at 375 degrees F. I cut up potatoes, carrots, parsnips and sweet potatoes into 1/2 inch sticks which are about the size of store bought frozen fries. Toss in a mixing bowl with about two to three tbsp of olive oil. You can add salt and pepper and fresh or dried rosemary (1 tsp) to the mixture in the bowl. The amount of root vegetables you cut depends on how many you are feeding. When I am figuring out the amount of vegetables to cut up, I don't plan to have enough for leftovers as these fries lose their crispness in the fridge overnight. After tossing them well in the bowl, spread the mixture onto a baking sheet and bake for about 40 to 45 minutes until browned. Half way through the cooking time, turn them over. Some people will line the baking sheet with parchment paper for an easier clean up and less mess. I like using my pampered chef clay baking dishes as I don't need to turn the root mixture half way through the cooking time and I don't use parchment paper. The veggies brown and crisp up really nicely using the clay baking dishes.
  4. Split pea soup with dill. This recipe from Bonnie Stern is one of my favorite soups during the winter. I will make it sometime over the next month and provide the full recipe. The recipe uses green split peas, carrots, potatoes and parsnips. Towards the end of the cooking time you add some dried spaghetti broken into smaller pieces and dill.
If you have any favorite parsnips recipes you can forward them to me.

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