Sunday, November 29, 2009


During the past several months I have bought two books by Dr. Joey Shulman.  She is a Canadian nutritionist and has written a number of books.  The books I have are: "the last 15 - A Weight-Loss Breakthrough" and "Healthy Sin Foods".   Dr. Shulman provides great recipes in both books and I will provide some of these recipes in upcoming postings.

The book entitled 'the last 15" is about re-setting your metabolism, learning to control the sugar cravings and night time eating.  Her suggestions and approach to improving one's eating habits are sensible.    Dr. Shulman devotes chapters to carbohydrates, proteins and fats and the information provided is useful, interesting and easy to understand.  Her program is not about denying your enjoyment of food but learning to operate within boundaries.

The second book, "Healthy Sin Foods" describes how certain foods regulate your hormones which are involved with balancing cravings, controlling blood sugar, mood and body weight.  The book also profiles a group of foods that Dr. Shulman describes as the top 50 superfoods.  They are whole foods that have not been processed, refined or preserved.   Detail is provided on each food including nutritional breakdown, selection and storage, preparation, background information and recipe ideas.  Examples of some of the 50 superfoods include almonds, apples, apricot, avocados, black beans, black cod, blueberries, chickpeas, garlic, olives and olive oil.   Did you know that raw garlic juice was used as an antimicrobial field dressing in the trenches during World War 1?

If you are looking for an interesting read, some tools to improve your eating habits and motivational tips, I would recommend these two books.

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