Sunday, November 22, 2009


When cooking supper I usually cover three food groups - protein, carbs and vegetables.  Last night for supper I cooked a beef roast and a butternut squash in the oven and made a tossed salad to have as an appetizer.

I am a firm believer that not all beef roasts are created equal, some stores are better than others in the quality of the meat they sell and you get what you pay for.   I have bought sides of beef directly from a beef producer.  I like buying meat directly from the producer as you are supporting producers within the province, they will tell you how the animal was raised, what it was fed and you can have it packaged according to portion size.  Besides buying beef from producers, I have bought bison (still have some in the freezer), roast chickens and lamb.   There are a few butcher stores in my city and several grocery stores where I will buy meat.  There are some stores that I won't buy from as I think the quality of the meat is not as good.

One store I like to buy meat and fish from is Costco.  I like the quality of the products they carry.   When at the meat counter, there is always the decision on how much do I want to spend - what sort of roast do I want and how big.  I have been buying top premium sirloin oven roasts from Costco and they are worth the extra bit of money as compared to a regular sirloin roast.  The meat is more tender, easier to carve and flavourful.  Last night I made a top premium roast and I was not disappointed.  This roast does not require marinating.  Before it goes into the oven I spread dijon mustard all over the roast and sprinkle dried onion flakes.  I cook the roast until it is medium or a bit medium rare in the middle.

One way I like to cook butternut or other winter squash is the following.  Peel the squash, cut into cubes or small chunks, remove the seeds and place the cubes into a mixing bowl.  Add some olive oil and maple syrup to the squash.  Mix well and place onto a cookie sheet.  I use a non-stick cookie sheet.  Put in the oven for the last half hour with the roast.

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