Wednesday, December 1, 2010


When I think about it, birds are an important part of my and your environment.  During the daylight hours, you see birds in a variety of situations.  I  have included some recent pictures that I took this year of different birds.   
A Canada Goose letting me know that she/he didn't appreciate me getting any closer.

Partridge in the backyard.   We can get up to six or more birds coming in to feed on seed. 

Partridge hanging around the bird feeder.

One of the birds keeping watch.

At football games I always hope there is a flyover pass by the airforce jets following the national anthem. I feel quite patriotic when a flyover occurs. At one game, there were no planes but instead there were Canada Geese doing the honours. It was quite something to see these geese flyover just as the national anthem was finishing being sung.

The geese flying over the football field following the national anthem. People who sit beside me noticed I was taking pictures of the birds and commented on how appropriate it was to see them when the national anthem was being sung.

Birds of a different kind.  These were trainer jets flying over the football field following the national anthem at one of the football games I attended.  Every game I go to, I hope that the jets will do a flyover but it is not a frequent occurrence.

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