Wednesday, June 15, 2011


When my four legged companion and I go walking along the creek, I am always on the look out for the beavers who live in the creek.  I am not sure how big the family is but based on sightings I am guessing it could be three.  

These beavers are quite industrious and always working.  I know they are destructive to the popular trees and willows growing by the banks of creek.  I have had the chance to watch the beavers swimming by as I am walking on the footpath that follows the creek.  When a beaver realizes I am close to them, it will loudly slap the water with its tail and slip underwater and swim a short distance before resurfacing.  I have attached some photos from recent walks. 

The beavers keep busy trying to dam the creek.  

The same dam observed from a different angle. 

The beaver den/house.

Another picture of the beaver house.

One of the beavers swimming by.

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