Sunday, August 15, 2010


In a May 24, 2010 posting I wrote about partnerships between my dog and cat, I talked about a statue that got in the way between the dog and a tennis ball (link to story).  The statue hit the floor and the result looked like this:

I tried to fix the statue using various glues but was not successful.  The break was close to the base and the dog was in a lunging pose so there was a lot of forward motion.  It likely needed some sort of bracing to stay up.  I took it back to the store where I had purchased the statue.  This statue is actually part of a larger piece.  Attached to this statue by way of a metal leash is a woman hanging on for dear life.  My DH purchased this caricature piece for me as I am sure I have experienced this at times walking the dog.  The owner of the store where the DH had purchased this piece loves challenges.  Her name is Verna and she owns Alfords.  She assured me that she could fix the statue and she also has a soft spot for animals.  Verna was able to reattach the dog to the base of the statue.  The following picture shows the result.

This next photo puts the dog together with the woman hanging on to the leash with her heels digging into the ground and hanging on.  If statues could only talk.

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