Friday, September 24, 2010


With fall starting and the first touches of frost,  I thought it would be great to showcase some of our garden including the flowers, vegetables and the pond.  I need to remember to look at these photos when we have snow on the ground and it is cold outside.  
Colourful flowers growing in pots.
Several flower pots line the patio.
Water flows into the main pond and is recirculated through cascading rocks.  Several koi live in the pond.
A blooming water lily.
Cucumbers growing up on cages.  Using cages and having the plants climb up allows for a better use of limited space.
Beets and beans growing side by side in the garden box.


  1. Really beautiful, especially considering the time of year! I love the pond, does it take a lot of work? What does the cat think of it?

  2. The pond takes a bit of work. The two cats, when they go out, supervised and wearing a halter hooked to a line, don't pay much attention. One of them several years ago slipped on one of the rocks and fell in. He got himself out plus we were close by to help. He looked like a mess.