Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The dog, being a lab, always wants to have something in his mouth.  Nothing is better than a tennis ball. His love in life is for you to throw the ball, he retrieves it, brings it back, drops the ball by your feet and wants you to throw the ball again.  I think half the tennis balls sold in stores are not for humans playing tennis but are really for the dogs. 

There is even something even better than tennis balls!

What does he have in his mouth?

Life is really good when you have both a glove and a tennis ball in your mouth.  The dog thinks life is perfect when he has a glove in his mouth and he gets to chase and retrieve a tennis ball at the same time. Of course his owner is without glove which has its own cold challenges.

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  1. Great pictures!
    Our dog is also a sock thief! Along with balls, she enjoys picking up socks and carrying them around the house. She'll even take them right out of the laundry basket!