Sunday, December 18, 2011


Victoria Moran, ( has written a number of books on holistic health, wellbeing, spirituality, and food.   She is a life coach, speaker, journalist, and has appeared on multiple U.S. talk shows.   

I just started to get her weekly newsletter and Ms. Moran’s eighteen points for looking great and feeling really well are well worth repeating.  These points resonate with me and make sense.  I have blogged in previous postings thoughts, ideas and suggestions about some of these suggestions including juicing, drinking lemon water, exercising, and pets.

1. See yourself as the star of your life every day of your life.
2. Stand up straight: you’ll look slimmer and feel more in command of any situation.
3. Make your first drink of the day hot water with an ample squeeze of fresh lemon.
4. Eat breakfast: it’s one of the habits centenarians have in common.
5. Half the time, do dry skin brushing before your bath or shower (brushes are sold at natural food stores).
6. The other half, precede bathing with abdyanga, self-massage with warm sesame oil.
7. Treat yourself to a professional massage every 21 days to keep your immunity up to par. Massage schools have bargain prices. If you live in a city served by, they often have low-cost massage offers , as well.
8. Invert yourself with a yoga headstand or shoulderstand or by lying on a slantboard (
9. Use creative sun protection: a hat, gloves, barrier (i.e., zinc oxide) sunblock properly applied, avoiding the midday sun.
10. Buy yourself a juicer that’s powerful and easy to clean. Fresh vegetable juice is an infusion of vitality.
11. Keep a pitcher of water on the counter, a bottle in your bag, and hot water easily accessible.
12. If you wear makeup, get a lesson every year or so—and remember to lighten up with some concealer just inside your eyes.
13. Get your brows shaped: it can be like a nonsurgical eye lift.
14. Exercise four to six days a week and include weight training at least two days every week, upper and lower body.
15. Adopt a pet: you’ll be saving a life, and people with companion animals live longer.
16. Have role models, women you know or have heard of who’ve grown older with elegance, grace, and style.
17. Whether you’re turning 30 or 80, see maturing as a gift to appreciate. And let yourself grow older the way you want to do it.
18. Live for something bigger than you are. Explore your spiritual nature.

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