Monday, December 26, 2011


During the past few months I have been eating seaweed salad.  Up until eating this salad, most of the seaweed I had eaten was found in nori sheets, used to make sushi.  I had eaten dried seaweed flakes but them to be salty.

I found this prepared seaweed salad at Costco.  The salad is processed in Canada but I don't know where the seaweed is initial harvested.   The salad is called an Asian style salad and has a sesame flavour with a hint of pepper.  The salad also includes strands of kikurage mushroom.
Label on the salad container. 

Close-up of seaweed salad.
I eat this salad by itself and I also add it to lettuce salads as a toping.  When I add it to other salads I don't add salad dressing, except for maybe some rice vinegar, as this seaweed salad had dressing added to it made with sesame oil, sugar, vinegar, salt and red pepper.  The only thing that I would prefer in this seaweed salad would be for the salad to have less sodium.

I really like this salad and I don't have any competition in sharing it.  The DH finds it too chewy and has told me that I can enjoy it all by myself.

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