Thursday, December 22, 2011


Many of us are experiencing food choice overload this holiday season.  At work there is an endless array of desserts, crackers, cheeses, spreads and chocolates to sample.  Going over to friends' homes can also provide some tempting options to indulge in extra calories.  What is a girl to do?

It doesn't matter if it is the holiday season in December or you are on a cruise with 24 hour food service.  We are faced with the same challenges.  Do we want to indulge, are we being careful about what we eat, have we given ourselves permission to gain a few pounds, or are we treating the food environment on these occasions no different than any other time of the year.   Here are some highlights of food choices I may have to make.

Chocolate brownie
Is this chocolate brownie tempting enough to have to walk three miles to burn off the equivalent calories?
Caramel pecan frozen yogurt
 My once a week ice cream perk....I need to keep it to once a week.

Decadent cupcakes
 The cupcakes are not tempting enough for me to sample.
Chocolate with almonds
One of my preferred indulgences.
Mincemeat tarts
 My healthy mincemeat recipe - apples and dried fruit.
Cheese thumbprint tarts
 A christmas treat - it is hard to stop eating just one thumbprint tart.
blueberry shortcake with ice cream
 Not tempting enough for me to walk three extra miles.
Cherry pie
 Homemade cherry pie - a luxury and worth indulging.
Decadent ice cream
After reading the nutrition profile and seeing the calories and fat grams, I am sticking to frozen yogurt.  Some would say that it is better to have one good size tablespoon of decadent ice cream but I find it hard to stop at one tablespoon of ben and jerry's ice cream.

In doing further analysis I am coming to the realization and acceptance that I have to make food choices every day.  When faced with extra temptations during the holidays or while on vacation I need to decide whether this food choice holds special significance and is worth the indulgence or can I have it anytime of the year.  For example, why does indulging in cheese and crackers have to be considered special this time of the year?  I can eat good cheese and crackers throughout the year.  If I am going to indulge in treats or extra food, it should be because it is unique, special and/or is available only at limited times of the year.  And lastly, can two bites satisfy my indulgence instead of a full serving?

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