Friday, October 15, 2010


When I came across this picture (shown below) in a pet store, it made me laugh.  It reminded me of the typical male dog that needs to pee and mark his territory a zillion times while out for a morning walk.  It is a bit like my dog who has to stop at his favourite lamp posts, bushes, large landscape rocks and park garbage containers and leave his business card.  Marking an item with pee is about marking one's territory and also advising the next dog who comes by, that he was here.   

When dogs sniff another dog's pee/markings, they can determine the sex of the individual, age, whether this other dog is healthy and whether the other dog is female and in season.   You certainly can't pick up that kind of information from my business cards that I give out!

While travelling this past winter, I happened to see this statue by a wonderful water and fountain display located between the parking lot and the entrance of a higher end restaurant.  I actually couldn't believe what I was seeing.  Whoever built this fountain display had a sense of humour.  
There have been some challenging moments while walking the dog.   I am talking about the dog having the luxury of peeing wherever he wants, how often he wants and for how long he wants.  It does get difficult if you decide you have to go to the bathroom after watching him leaving his business card repeatedly and the urge is there.  The urge is likely worse when it is minus 20 or 25 below, you are bundled up and you are getting cold.   Dealing with all of those clothes, zippers and difficult buttons makes it challenging.

Well, it is getting late and I must let the dog out so that he can mark his territory.


  1. Its also hard when you have to rescue the dog and jump in the creek too, right?

  2. yes, that always makes it interesting.