Friday, October 29, 2010


I have written before about Mark Bittman.  He is a food writer and writes regular columns for The New York Times.   This Food Matters Cookbook contains more than 500 recipes and covers the full range from appetizers to desserts.  Each section contains about a page or so of introduction to the specific grouping of recipes and Mark Bittman gives his perspective on the topic at hand.   What is different about this cookbook is that he doesn't have a separate section on meat but rather incorporates different meat recipes into the other sections.  For example, thai beef salad and plum chicken salad are in the section on salads and dressings.

Mark Bittman wrote this cookbook as a companion to his book Food Matters.  This respective book was written to explain his experience in eating more plants and fewer animal products and processed food.  By the time that Mark Bittman had written Food Matters, he had been writing about food for almost 30 years and he was starting to have health problems.  He decided to eat more sanely and follows five basic principles: eat fewer animal products than average; eat all the plants you can manage; make legumes and whole grains part of your life; avoid processed foods; and, everything else is a treat and you can have treats daily. 

I haven't had this cookbook long enough to read every page and I am going to enjoy reading/browsing over each recipe and deciding which ones I plan to make.  

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