Sunday, October 24, 2010


We recently made a purchase that is an important appliance in most homes.  Of course the picture tells all and making you guess is not necessary.  The machines are not the colour of white and in fact are slate gray.  This model came in either slate gray or red.  Red is one of my favourite colours but I thought best to go with gray as it would match the colour of the flooring and walls.  I never thought I would need to think about matching the colour of a washing machine to other colours in the room.

This is not the first set of front end loaders to grace the laundry room.  Prior to this new gleaming sophisticated looking machinery, we had a Maytag washer and dryer.  They were more of the first generation of front end loading machines and did not have the bells and whistles of this new pair.  When I bought the Maytag set, the front doors of the machines at that time were solid and they did not make them with a window so that you could watch your laundry being cleaned or dried.  These machines are not made by Maytag but are made by Samsung.  The decision made to buy this make was based on data gleamed from various websites and the retail bible - Consumer Report.

The window feature on the front door is quite enthralling.  When I washed the first load, I took a big flashlight and shined it into the window so that I could peer into the machine and watch what was happening.  How much water is really used; did I use enough soap;  does the drum roll all the time or stop periodically; and, how hard does the machine spin the  clothes?  Besides myself watching the washing activity, I had the DH and the dog by my side, just as curious as me peering into the machine.   The dog wants to  be involved with all of the activity.  With subsequent loads being done, I still grabbed the flashlight so that I can watch the action going on in the washing machine.

So does a new washing machine make a girl happy?  You bet it does!  Washing clothes has never been this much fun.


  1. I have an LG Tromm steamwasher, but though I generally like it, there are problems. It smells, and can get quite gucky. There is a long history to this and I have read testamonials from lots of owners on how they fought with LG. I'll enjoy hearing whether yours starts to smell, as I am thinking I might get rid of mine for a better model of front loader.


  2. I had a front end loader Maytag which also got musty smelling. But I didn't know you have to clean it with bleach or other products at least twice a year. This new machine has a self cleaning feature. Plus I now leave the door open when not in use and I wipe down the door and inside of the rubber when finished using it.

    They look beautiful! I do think the red would have been great; they would match you! But these are just as nice.
    I have a few years to wait till the current set falls apart. Now I have mixed feelings...if they need to be replaced sooner, I could have those beauties, or ones like them, sooner.
    In any case, it would have been fun to see you and your DH, and the dog with your flashlight! Congratulations on the new purchase!